Sarah & Mike

Thunder bay Wedding Photographer.

What it’s like to be a Thunder Bay Wedding Photographer.

As a Thunder Bay Wedding Photographer, many people ask what the best part of my job is. To be completely honest, this photo album says it all.  Sarah & Mike’s wedding was an absolute blast to be a part. Firstly, the entire day was seamless, everything was brilliantly planned and organized. Secondly, every part of the day was fun and stressful free. Most importantly, Sarah and Mike were a joy to work with before, during after the wedding. So really what I’m getting at is the people in Thunder Bay make photographing here so great.



Over the years I’ve photographed and filmed countless weddings and I’ve never encountered a bridezilla or groomzilla for that matter. I mean just look at how chill Sarah, Mike, and all their friends are. To this day I remember Sarah and Mike being total sweethearts that just loved to have a great time. Why Are the people so nice here? Well is hard to say exactly. Perhaps it’s the small-town vibe where everyone knows one another. Or perhaps it’s the town’s geographical isolation that forces people to be nice or move along. Whatever the case may be the people in Thunder Bay make being a wedding photographer easy.


Along with amazing people is a fantastic landscape. Thunder Bay is home to so many unique and amazing landscapes. Sarah and Mike’s wedding for example was photographed in a gorgeous location near the Nor’Wester Mountains. The vastness of this area is truly amazing. Just look at the wide-open spaces that fill these images. It feels like the wedding party just pops out of the landscape. Of course, if wide open spaces are not really your thing, you can take comfort in knowing that Thunder Bay also features; forests, urban areas, and amazing architecture for photographers to play with.

With all this awesomeness it is easy to see why Thunder Bay is one of the best places for wedding photography.

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