Jas & Evan

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Jas & Evan’s wedding album truly displays some amazing Ottawa wedding photography. From the start, their wedding was so much fun to shoot and be a part of. I began the morning off with Jasmin and her bride’s maids. As soon as I arrived the gals begin cutting loose. They all told hilarious about Jas, exchanged gifts, and even shared a few mimosas. Everyone acted like they had known me for years. They were all posing the camera, laughing, and really showing how comfortable they were around me.

Evan’s prep

It’s funny because everyone said Jas & Evan were a perfect match because they were so different from one another, which really seemed true. When I arrived at Evan’s house later in the day the mood was totally different. Evan was very chill. He and his family worked at perfecting every detail of their wardrobe diligently. I must say it was exciting to have such a strong contrast on the same day. It was as if you could see how the two complements each other simply by looking at their prep photos.


The Photo Session

After a beautiful ceremony, we went to a nearby park to take some photos. This is always my favorite part of the day because there is no pressure. Everybody just has fun, which is exactly what we did. We snapped some great pics near some really cool old buildings. Jasmin and her son had some really really cute photos together and I got a shop off all the groomsmen on a bench which I love. All and all it was an amazing shoot and an amazing day.

Want us to photograph your wedding?

Want us to photograph your wedding?

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