Tyler & Eren

Farm Wedding Photography.

I Had a Blast Taking Farm Wedding Photography.

Tyler & Eren’s wedding album features some amazing farm wedding photography. The vast fields and rural structures helped to create the perfect atmosphere and backdrop for their wedding images. Along with an awesome venue, this wedding was particularly special for me because Tyler and I were good friends in university. For me, it’s always so exciting to photograph a good friend’s wedding. I say this because you’re both extremely happy to see their leap forward in life. Plus, you get an amazing chance to spend the entire day with the bride and groom, which only the photographer can do. It’s pretty magical.

The Wedding

As a photographer, I must say the venue that Tyler and Eren chose was truly breathtaking. The guys spent the morning getting ready in a rugged barn board loft. The loft had extremely interesting light peeking through the boards all-day. Match that light with the deep brown color of the wood and handcrafted furniture in the room and boom you’ve got photography heaven. In addition to the cool prep area, my strong friendship with Tyler made all the groomsmen extremely comfortable, which made taking photos so easy and fun. The ladies had an amazing room as well. White barm boards with huge windows and an assortment of mirrors and seating areas. The gals and I had a blast taking photos while they drank mimosas and exchanged stories.

Along with an unreal prep area was a fantastic ceremony space. Honestly, the light during the ceremony was perfect. Not too much shadow or light. Plus the massive view in the background made every photo pop. Tyler and Eren were so full of love up at the alter, it was a truly amazing moment. One I’m sure they won’t ever forget.

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