Scott & Katie

Family Wedding.

The best thing about photographing a Family wedding.

Although I’ve heard other photographers disagree with this, I think photographing family and friends is truly the best. Scott & Katies’ photo album is a  great example of this. If you didn’t know, the handsome groom in this picture is my cousin Scott. When Scott asked me to photograph his wedding I was over the moon with excitement, I knew it was going to be a great time. I know it might seem weird to work at a family wedding but honestly, it feels nothing like work. Throughout the day I got to hang out with both Scott and Katie. Hear how excited they were for their next big step in life. Plus I was able to capture some pretty amazing moments that I know they will cherish forever.

Family connection

I will also say that having a family connection makes taking photos easier than ever. Scott, Katie and the rest of the wedding party acted so natural and fun around me and in front of the camera. This made it so simple to capture amazing images and moments. Another great thing about photographing a family wedding is that you know most of the other guests. This makes things way more fun and really cuts back on any awkward dinner conversation. So if your on the fence about photographing a family wedding I say do it. You’ll be so glad you did.

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