Brent & Melissa

Destination wedding.

Brent & Melissa’s Mexican destination wedding.

Honestly, when you’re with the right people photographing a destination wedding is nothing short of awesome. The week I spent with brent and Melissa was unreal. We saw the sites, ate the food, drank the wine, and most importantly captured some amazing wedding photos. The beauty of being a part of their wedding was that the celebrations lasted an entire week. This gave me the chance to get some incredible photos that id normally never get at a regular wedding. This is mostly because we had a few extra days together. But also because they had time to really get comfortable in from of the lens. Plus I mean we had some fantastic backgrounds to work with.

Trash the dress

I’ve got to say that bringing a cheaper replica dress was a huge reason for our photoshoot success. Having a dress we could get dirty, opened up so many photography doors for us. The Brent & melissa had a blast rolling around in the sand and swimming under waterfalls while I captured some great photos. I would highly recommend that any destination bride bring an extra dress. it really helps take the worry away during a shoot. What an amazing trip and an awesome couple.

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