Laura & Kurtis

Chanterelle Wedding.

The joy of photographing a Chanterelle Wedding.

It was a truly amazing time photographing Laura and Kurtis during their Chanterelle Wedding.  Firstly, I want to kick things off by saying I really love the Chanterelle. It’s such a beautiful venue, with a great location and amazing food. It all offers two really great rooms to photograph in. The first is their ballroom which is always stunning. The photos of the speeches, dances, dinner and festivities were all really amazing in this room. Laura, Kurtis, and I also had some amazing opportunities to take pictures in a cocktail bar near the ballroom. I have to say, the photos from the bar were my favorite. The two were able to snuggle up on a really rich looking couch. It had a really rich mobster kind of vibe to it. It was a lot of fun.


Family love

Of course, Laura and Kurtis’ wedding was about so much more than just their reception venue. The whole day was really centered around the family, which is always heartwarming. There was a certain closeness between both sides of the family that made it easy to see why these two were together. We had photoshoots at the family home, church, and PACI. At every location, the family love really shined through the images. What an amazing couple and an amazing day.

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