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Having fun shooting Bancroft Wedding Photography.

This album from Tyler and Emily’s wedding provides so many amazing examples of Bancroft wedding photography. That quaint little town really shines through in these images and adds a lot of charm and character.   Of course, Bancroft isn’t the only reason why I personally love these images. Truth be told, Tyler and I were close friends back in high school. However, over the years life seemed to pull us in different directions as it often does. Needless to say, I was extremely excited to hear of his upcoming nuptials. Life was going well for my friend and I was happy to hear the news. When Tyler asked me to be the photographer at his wedding I grew even more excited and immediately agreed.


Wedding Prep

At the time the Bancroft wedding photography scene was new to me so I wasn’t too sure what to expect. I had been to the town before but had never truly appreciated its charms until I started photographing. Instantly I was in awe at all the amazing locations we encountered throughout the day. We kicked things off at a cute hair salon in downtown Bancroft. The bridesmaids all gushed with excitement as they got ready. The shop owners were really great too. They were extremely accommodating to me and my photo equipment, which made it easy for me to catch some amazing moments. One of my favorite pictures features Emily putting makeup on a young flower girl. Both were very excited for the day to come and were sharing their joy together.

After an awesome morning with the ladies, I headed up to Tyler’s family cottage where the guys were getting ready. The cottage looked amazing. It was very personal, very relaxed, and very much in line with Tyler’s style. Although it had been several years since I had last seen Tyler it felt like we caught up right away. Having this old connection really made it easy to photograph Tyler and his groomsmen. The guys all goofed off around me giving the images a casual and genuine feeling. Of course, the closer we got to the ceremony the more serious and excited the guys became, and soon enough it was time for the main event.

The ceremony

It goes without saying that the ceremony is always the most exciting part of the day. For Tyler & Emily, their ceremony took place just behind the cottage by the water. It was an amazing space. Both Tyler and Emily had that nervous and excited look thin their eyes. Yet, both were very cool and calm. It was as if they could already see their whole future together and were excited to get started. When it came time for the first kiss both families clapped and cheered with an joy.


The Photoshoot

Not surprisingly, the photoshoot is always my favorite part of the day. The critical time restrictions have passed and I’m able to spend some quality time with the bridal party. For this particular shoot, Tyler and Emily had chosen a few amazing locations. The first was an incredible woodland scene with a luscious amount of green and a real natural feel. Shortly after we visited a neighbors farm where we were treated to some of the best golden light you can get. All and all it turned out to be an amazing day with some really amazing photographs.

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