Newborn Photography

Their first photos

For new parents, new newborn photography sessions need to be exciting, special, and above all safe. That’s why we work extremely hard to ensure that your newborn photography session is both fun and professional. Unlike other photo sessions we offer, newborn photography is very hands-on, so we strongly encourage parents to get involved and get goofy with us. Because when you’re having a good time your little one is too. Many of our shoots begin with solo shots of your newest son or daughter, but towards the end of the shoot, we always welcome additional shots with parents, pets, and other family members. Honestly, your little one won’t stay little for long so let’s capture every tiny moment we can with them.


Studio Lighting

So, you’re interested in Newborn photography but you’re unsure of the style or aesthetic you want. Put your worries away because were here to help you out. At Kirvan Photography + Film we pride ourselves in our photographic versatility and would love to help you pick the best style for your images and prints. To give you an idea of what’s possible, some examples of the styles we shoot; black and white, natural light, macro photography, studio photography, candid images, and family photos. Feel free to browse our gallery to get a better idea of what your photos could look like. And if you’re still unsure when we arrive we’ll be happy to shoot in multiple styles to give you a wide variety of images.


Home Visits

Having a newborn baby is stressful enough, so your photoshoot should be stress-free. Because we don’t want you to worry about finding a photo studio, packing the car and driving around. Instead of fussing, we want you to have fun, while we take care of the details. That’s why we make house calls. If that sounds good to you then let’s get started. Begin by letting us know where and when you want the shoot to take place. Then pick a space in your home where we can set up our home studio. Lastly, we’ll need a few minutes to set up and that’s it. Before you know it we’ll be on our way to photo magic.



If your family celebrates the birth of a newborn with special traditions or rituals, we’d love to be a part of them. For example, if your family passes down heirlooms,  jewelry, books or blankets just let us know and we’ll be sure to get those items in some stunning shots. We recognize how important your family traditions are, so we do our best to incorporate your items and ideas into your photographs. Plus, we’re happy to bring a few props of our own to make sure each photo is unique. So if you’re to set up your photoshoot, simply click the link below.

Studio Lighting

Their first photos

Our studio lighting helps us create outstanding images, but it also raises a few questions with parents. So with that in mind, we figured we’d tell you about it. For the most part, studio lighting is just a bigger version of a camera flash. However, our version is far brighter and softer from what you might be used to. Generally, we use one or two studio lights in our newborn photography sessions. The use of these lights creates ultra-sharp, professional-looking images with minimal setup time. They do however require a power source, so if possible try to have an outlet accessible to us when we arrive. We promise it will be worth it.

This picture of baby Maxium perfectly displays our stunning Newborn Photography
this photo of a newborn baby in her fathers hands give clients an example of the types of studio shots we capture

Home Studio

Their first photos

As you’ve already learned, we offer home studio services to our parents to make their life a little bit easier.  So what is a home studio and how does it work? Simply put, our home studio is comprised of a few lights, some stands, and colored backdrops. We will also require a space that is around 7 square feet. This space could be in a living room, bedroom, or nursery. Lastly, if you feel the photoshoot should happen at a friend’s house, family members, or even at our studio just let us know. We’re open to all options.

this black and white image display our ability to get children to pose for photos


Newborn photography can be incredibly cute, especially when you add in a few props. From cute outfits to big wicker baskets, props can really make a shoot come to life. Which is why we proved you with a wide selection of props to choose from. Feel free to choose any of our blanket’s background, blows, and bundles. Lastly, don’t forget that your personal praps and outfits are more then welcome in our shoots.


Photo Gallery

Have a look at some of our previous shoots, then let us know when we can meet your newest bundle of joy.

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