Newborn Photography

Their first photos

Newborn photography is always so magical. It’s so exciting meeting the newest person in the world and capturing their tiny idiosyncrasies. We’re thrilled that you chose us to photograph some of your child’s first moments.  We can’t wait to join you and promise we’ll make your babies first photoshoot an event you’ll remember forever.


Studio Lighting

When it comes to your newborn baby only the best will do. That’s why we use a mixture of natural light and professional studio lights in every shoot. This ensures your newborn photography packages are filled with a wide variety of images. So, if your looking for a wide variety of newborn photos, simply click the link below for more details.

Home Visits

Having a newborn baby is stressful enough, so your photo shoot should be stress-free. Because we don’t want you to worry about finding a photo studio, packing the car and driving around, we’ve made things simple. That’s why we make house calls. Let us know where and you want to do the shoot and well be there with our home studio. Just give us a few minutes to set up and we’ll be on our way to photo magic in no time.


Welcoming a new person into the family is an event that is filled with traditions. Many families have jewellery, blanks, book and toys that are special to their child’s culture and heritage. We recognise how important your family traditions are, so we do our best to incorporate your items and ideas into your photographs. Plus, we’re happy to bring a few props of our own to make sure each photo is unique. To set up your photoshoot just click the link below.

Studio Lighting

Home Studio

Perfect Props

Photo Gallery

Have a look at some of our previous shoots, then let us know when we can meet your newest bundle of joy 

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