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If you’re ready to spice up your establishment with professional food photography, then let’s start cooking. Our team loves food & product photography projects and is committed to putting our client’s image above all else. So, if you’re starting up a new restaurant, building your social media presence, or stepping up your menu game, we’re here to help. Have a look at our gallery and then drop us a line when you’re ready to begin.

our amazing food photography can be used by all kinds of different restaurants, including this sweet sushi spot

Classic Images

Getting your bar or restaurant to stand out can be a daunting task, but we’ll make it easy. So, let’s start planning a photoshoot where we can create professional and authentic images that will represent your brand perfectly. So how does it all work? Firstly, we’ll begin by discussing how many photos you need and where you’ll display them. After that, we can plan the best time and place for our photo shoot. Truthfully, many of our clients choose to have their food be photographed in their own establishment but were open to any of your ideas. So what are you waiting for? let’s get started.



So you’re ready to make a visual change in your restaurant or bar. However, your not quite sure where to start. In our experience, an easy first step can be to update your menu. When it comes to menus, we want your patrons to get excited by the visual inside, instead of turned off by stock images. So lets firstly start by filling your menu with mouth-watering images of meals you proudly serve. In addition to great photographs, we’ll also create a new custom design and layout for your menu, that will perfectly match your brand. If you’re ready to make a change, start by sending us an email so we can get started.

these edamame beans really show case the vibrance of our food photography

Location Photos

When it comes to your bar or restaurant we understand that your brand isn’t solely based on food. In addition to your great food, you have an amazing staff, an outstanding location, and the perfect atmosphere. So why not have us show it off? Let the world see your establishment with our incredible location photography. Sharing a few high-end shots of your location’s interior and exterior is a great way to reach out to potential customers, plus help you stand out from other local business. So if you’re ready to share your restaurant with the world, were ready to help.

Food Photography

Let's get started

┬áBefore we begin our session, let’s chat about your photography needs. First things first, tell us about your brand, and what types of images are important to you. We understand that our food photography will be representing your company, so we ensure that our photographs match your establishment’s identity perfectly.

Secondly, let’s discuss your photography and advertising needs. Are you looking for one great image to represent your business on a billboard or in magazines, or maybe you’re interested in starting a social media campaign with many images? once we have determined your look and your needs we’ll be ready to get to work.

this image really show how we use macro lenses in our food photography

Location Photography

Are you looking to show off your restaurant’s amazing atmosphere? Our team of skilled professionals is here to help to show off your space. Whether you’re looking for live-action images of your patrons having a blast. Or you want to showcase the intricate details within your establishment. We got the experience and equipment to bring your vision to life.

this image gives viewers a look at out bar and restaurant photography
this image shows clients how we can add people into our food photography

Menu Design

Are you still using stock images on your menu? We can change that. We want your guests to see their amazing meals before they arrive at their table. That’s why we photograph your food in your restaurant’s style. Afterword we’ll add these beautiful photographs to a custom-made menu made just for you.

food photography can take place at any location including this Japanese restaurant
these sushi details show our ability to shoot macro food photography
this spicy sushi really shows the versatility of our food photography

Enjoy Our Past Work

We are so proud of all our food photography in Thunder Bay both in local businesses and right here online. We know you’ll love our work which is why we have a full portfolio here for you look at. So please peruse our past work, and if your feeling inspired drop us a line so we can get to work on your project.

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