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Kirvan Photography + film is committed to creating and crafting amazing food photography in Thunder Bay. If you’re starting up a new restaurant, building your social media presence or stepping up your menu game, we’re here to help. We have the skills and the equipment to take your culinary art to the next level.

Classic Images

Are you looking to advertise your restaurant or bar but aren’t sure where to start? Let our professional photos lead the way. Our team takes photos of your food, at your establishment so you can give your customers a first-hand look at your culinary awesomeness.  Best of all we’ll size your photos so you can easily share them on your social media accounts, website & ad’s


One of the easiest ways to update your look is to update your menu. Why use misleading menus full of stock photos, when we can get your clients excited about your food with your our photos and original menu designs. Simply, let us know what you want your menu to look like and well create from scratch.

Location Photos

The brand of your restaurant or bars isn’t solely based on food. You’ve got a great staff and an outstanding location, so why not have us show it off. When it comes to location photography we know how to highlight your establishments best features. Let us photograph your businesses attributes so you can share them with the world.

Food Gallery

Enjoy Our Past Work

We are so proud of all our food photography in Thunder Bay both in local businesses and right here online. We know you’ll love our work which is why we have a full portfolio here for you look at. So please peruse our past work, and if your feeling inspired drop us a line so we can get to work on your project.

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