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We are extremely excited that you’ve decided to check out Kirvan Photography + Film. Because creating outstanding images is our passion. Above all, we love helping others reach their creative goals and dreams. So, whether you’re looking to: promote business, spread the word about a creative project or capture a family moment, were there for you. Have a look through our portfolios, then let us know how we can help you achieve your goals.



Our foundation is based on photography. That is to say, for over ten years we have been committed to taking and creating outstanding images because we know how powerful an amazing image can be. So, whether our photos are of products or people, for clients or fun, we always take our work to the next level.
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At Kirvan Photography + Film we certainly do love making movies. From our childhood dreams, to film up on screens, making movies has always been our passion. So, if you have a film, commercial or short video project you need help with, we’d love to give you a hand.


Lighting is an obsession that we put above all else,  plain and simple. Whether we’re taking photos or making a movie, we always have the lights for the job. But don’t worry all you naturalists out there, we’re big fans of natural light too. In other words, whatever the project calls for we’ve got.


We pride our selves in being able to make studio quality images everywhere. So, if you’re looking to shoot on location we’re right there with you. However, if shooting on location isn’t, remember you’re more then welcome to come to our studio too.


We know that creating images is often only half of your projects. So many people use their photos in business cards, on websites, in menus and more. So, if you’ve got other plans for your photos we’ve got you covered. In other words, let us design your promotional materials from start to finish.
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